Switzerland is still on alert after three of its lakes floodedبحيرات

Some residents of the Red neighborhood stroll around the flooded Lake Sarnen, in the canton of Obwalden. EFE / EPA / URS FLUEELER

Geneva, 16 July (EFE). – The Swiss authorities continue to maintain the highest alert levels in lakes Bina and Thun and the four provinces, which overflowed this week, and there are moderate levels in other regions of the country, due to the fear of new floods due to the continued rainfall for the past month and a half.
Swiss President Guy Parmelin visited the cities of Lucerne (on the banks of the four cantons lake) and Benina on Thursday to analyze the state of the floods that submerged many homes in those areas, although no personal injuries have been recorded so far. , unlike neighboring Germany.
According to the National Hydrographic Center, the country’s largest lakes, Constance (on the border with Germany) and Lehmann (on the border with France) present a moderate risk of flooding, and on the second of them part of the road that runs along its shore has been cut off since the middle of this week.
Firefighters had to intervene in dozens of cases, especially in the north-central part of the country, where there are overflowing bodies of water.
Alert messages have been issued to citizens in several regions of Switzerland, recommending to limit travel and not approach rivers and lakes.

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