Sweden joins the 6×6 tank program led by Finland

The Swedish authorities have officially announced their intention to join the programme CAVS (Joint Armored Vehicle System), led by Finland, to develop a 6×6 vehicle. It is an initiative launched in 2019 in the form of Multinational cooperation between Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

Fall 2020 program Progressed with Latvia to the stage of research and development The product was commissioned by the Finnish manufacturer Patria. And later, last summer, this country commissioned the Finnish company An initial batch of more than 200 armored vehicles Transport personnel, whose first units were already delivered last October. The agreement extends until 2029 to supply the entire fleet.

for his part, Finnish Ministry of Defense Patria signed a letter of intent to order 160 new personnel transport vehicles for Finland in 2023.

Head of Ground Systems Business Unit at Patria, Josie YarvinenThe recent movement around the program has been described as “a major milestone for the entire programme”. Järvinen adds that, “Broader collaboration and communication between countries will improve mobility, profitability, collaboration capabilities, and retention of participants.”

The manufacturer states in a statement that the program is also open to other countries, as long as they obtain the consent of participating partners.

Patria kicked off the latest edition of the French sector show face to face Eurosatory, in June 2018 (last year it was developed only in hypothetical form, due to the epidemic), the 6×6 version of his armored vehicle on wheels AMV. The manufacturer defines it as a successor to the armored personnel carrier (APC, to abbreviate this category in English) after Destined to complete the ‘legendary Patria customers’ fleets AMV 8×8In fact, the new platform has a chassis structure based on the same components as the already known AMV, “but with one less axle.”

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All steering wheels

It is a vehicle with traction on all three axes and able to move all its wheels in the direction or steer only from its first two axes, depending on its equipment. The shield is offered with the option to add different levels of ballistic and mine protection, and can be configured with different weapons and equipped with different options for protection systems. It also has a number of possibilities to furnish your home interior. Among other things, the ability to arm it with 120-mm Patria Nemo mortars was expected.

The maximum payload of the Patria 6×6 truck is 8.5 tons and the gross weight can reach 24 tons. It measures 7.5 meters in length, 2.5 meters in height and 2.9 in width. A five-cylinder diesel engine of 294 kW allows it to reach 100 kilometers per hour, and also has the option of moving on the surface of the water. Inside it has enough habitability to accommodate up to ten soldiers, as well as its crew of two or three, depending on the purpose for which it was used.

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