Summary of all stars “Big Brother”: [Spoiler] He wins the Season 22 Final

All three stars who woke up in Older brother Wednesday morning home have all reached the final before. However, the two of them wanted a lot different endings this time.

Cody Calafiori and Enzo Palumbo finished second and third, respectively, originally BB Seasons, although Cody’s decision to take Derek Levasseur with him until the end was ultimately one of the most bone-breaking moves in the series’ history. This season, both men had hoped to make up for themselves the last night – 72 percent of TVLine readers expected Cody to win an All-Stars season, while 66 percent agreed with Cody. Should Wins.

Meanwhile, Nicole Franzel emerged victorious from BB18 It sought to repeat the date in its Wednesday finale, making it Older brotherFirst all-time champion twice if she manages to win. [pivots to address a different camera] But firstBefore the All Stars winner was crowned, one last competition for the heads of the family had to unfold – and a pivotal final dismissal. Read on to learn about the highlights of the two-hour final:

* Firstly, the second part of HOH’s latest competition, a battle between Cody and Enzo. They should place the correct scraps of cardboard for home guests in front of the various postcard backgrounds and take pictures of them at the right moment, while ensuring there are no gigantic pigs’ heads swinging – Camera pigsHar Har Har – Peek at the frame. (It honestly seems like I’m describing a dream I had About That show, huh?) Enzo has a pretty good understanding about which cutouts to include in every photo, but the swinging pigs cause him some trouble, and it takes 37 minutes to complete the competition. CodyOn the other hand, he finished the whole thing in less than five minutes, prompting Enzo to vent out loud his frustrations that he couldn’t win at the most important time.

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Later, Cody and Nicole debate who would take them to the second final if they win the head of the family, and it looks like Cody is totally ripped apart, while Enzo tries to convince Nicole that firing Cody out is her best chance at winning the game. (He’s right! Listen to him, Nicole!) But when jurors debate who deserves to win, all of the signs seem to point to Cody playing the best game, even though they often felt the jury management was disingenuous.

* In Part 3 of the HOH contest, Nicole and Cody must correctly identify faulty statements about jurors and their time in BB a house. But Cody and Nicole give different answers to the first question – he got it right, got it wrong – and it ends up making a huge difference; Nicole wasn’t able to catch him, and Cody He becomes the final head of the family.

When we get back to the living room moments later, Nicole is already crying, and it looks like Cody might vomit right there on the carpet. This evacuation decision seems to really eat him up and when he gets out Nicole, He doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. (On the other hand, Enzo can’t wait for Nicole to come out the door to give Cody a big hug. Come on, oh. Tact.)

* After Nicole’s tearful post-match interview with Julie Chen Moonves, in which she said she was not angry with Cody despite her sadness over his decision, the nine jury members questioned both Enzo and Cody about their gameplay. To Enzo, though he hasn’t played an unforgettable game like Cody, he appears to be providing more agreeable responses, while jurors seem a bit upset about the credit Cody got for his moves in the game.

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* But then, after a conversation with the first five being fired from the season, it was time to reveal the jury vote. Winner in Older brother all Stars … Cody! He only needed five votes to win, so the scraps fell after we saw the voices of Ian, Davon, Kevin, David and Danny, all of which went for Cody. But Jolie later revealed that Cody defeated Enzo with a 9-0 vote, which is only the third time that this has happened in Older brother History. (Julie Says It’s only the second time, after Dan Gheesling’s unanimous victory in Season 10, but that’s a shameless erasure of Tamar Braxton’s victory over Celebrity big brother.)

* The last job request is to reveal America’s favorite guest, and this Davon! Then not everything About this season it was a disappointment, then.

This is a wrap, Older brother Fans! How do you feel about Cody winning? Cast your vote in our poll below, then hit the comments with your full reactions to the end!

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