students vs. Finland: A strange friendly story at the age of 1 and 55

The eleven that Claudio Gugnali stopped that day were: Leandro Evangelisti Javier Mengini, Lucas Allan and Nicholas Ayer; Lucas Nardi, Marcos Gilbert, Israel Damonte and Carlos Ciaparelli; Ricardo Perez, Patricio Landagarza and Mariano Pavone. Then entered Martin Guimaru, Leonardo Parini, Augustin Gonzalez Tapia and Roberto Rosso.

For his part, the coach of the Finnish team, Jyrki Helleskoski, rallied the following eleven players against Pincha: Miko Rakama; Thomas Aho, Yuka Hirvonen, Marco Parinella, and Harry Habanyemi; Mika Niskala, Christian Kaunas, Jossi Koggala and Antti Okkonen; Mika Vayrynen y Matti Santahuhta.

this meeting Level 2-2 finished Thanks goals Parniella And Vayrynen for Finland and from Pavone And Barini for Pincha. Three days later, the Finnish youth team will face its German counterpart, also at the old pitch 1 and 55, in a new friendly match.

Finland students click 01.jpg

Students and Finland at work in the old wooden playground.

Juha Tminin

students vs. Finland: the memory of Mariano Pavoni

It was a student reserve, but in 2001 they removed it and there was a semester in which the tournament was not played. So we played friendly matches with the other reserves“to explain Buffon tank About those friendly meetings in an interview with the program there is a hand That emanates from Somos La Plata, although the party in question corresponds to the previous year.

In the first part of the 2001/02 season there was no reserve championship, but during the 2000/01 season there was, and the match in question took place during the first half of the season. In that campaign, Pincha played 32 matches and finished fifth with 50 units, with frequent participation from Tres Sargentos striker.

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We ran a lot of weekends like crazy because we were training with the pro team but we didn’t get into the call.Pavone noted, adding:In one of the friendly matches that took place, we played against a Sub-20 team from Finland that was going to run in the youth championship. I remember nine tall people, similar to (Erling) Haaland, which was pretty good“.

Mariano Pavoni students Finland.mp4

Mariano Pavoni at EL VAR spoke about this friendly relationship with Finland.

Finland at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina

Oddly enough, the Finnish team Estudiantes faced that afternoon would, months later, be the number one contender for the championship. Argentina’s choice On your way to the address. The Argentines and Finns sparkled in the opening match on June 17, with a local victory for 2-0 In Jose Amalfitani de Velez with goals Maximiliano Rodriguez And Andres D’Alessandro.

In its second show, Finland will excel Jamaica In the final 1-0 with a goal from Vayrynen (the start against Estudiantes), but then he would be eliminated from the group stage to fall with Egypt In his third appearance 2-1 (Daniel Sjolund’s goal). On the other hand, Argentina will go ahead and destroy all their rivals to win their fourth cup.

Eight of the eleven starting players in the friendly against Pincha were part of the final call-up for the select team, which finally had Kari Ukkonen in the DT and not Heliskoski. The names that made the World Cup roster are: Aho, Parnela, Haapaniemi, Niskala, Kunnas, Okkonen, Vayrynen and Santahuhta. This is, so far, the only participation in the World Cup in Finland, which has not played a World Cup at a higher level before.

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