Stephanie Rohley of MSNBC “Sick and Scared” is recovering from COVID-19

MSNBC broadcaster Stephanie Rowley returned to TV on Monday, after spending two weeks in isolation while ill with the COVID-19 virus. She spent the opening moments of her program talking about how her seizures with the virus showed her that the country’s system for dealing with her was severely deficient.

“We have a virus ravaging our country, and we need to do more to stop it,” Rohli said from her home on top of her morning broadcast. “As a sick and afraid person, I beg you, Please take this seriously. It’s not over.”

Rohli said her husband woke up with a headache and a slight sore throat before eventually testing positive the day before Thanksgiving. They immediately isolated themselves in various places – he is in their New York City apartment and she is at their home in New Jersey, far from their children, who have dropped out of school. They knew Ruhle was likely sick as well, and she sure was positive and had symptoms of “terrible flu” within a few days.

She admitted that her situation was extraordinary, and that she is a privilege not enjoyed by many people. However, Rohli said she was unable to locate some of the test results and was confused by her husband’s phone appointment with the doctor.

“This pressure is not unusual – it’s the norm,” said Rohli. Across the country, Americans have been sounding the alarm for months about our randomized tests and our muddled guidelines. The guidelines have changed since the outbreak of the epidemic. Is it any surprise that this spread continues? We are all confused. I still don’t know where we got COVID-19 from. ”

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Ruhle indicated that her hairdresser was the only person who took her seriously when she told them she had the virus. This hairdresser’s experience was a lot different from Ruhle, because she had to cancel all of her appointments for about two weeks, which means she has had no income.

I waited three hours to get the test. “After eight days, the test was negative,” Rohli said. This is what we ask America to do. Do you think millions of people are doing this for real? The answer is that many of them are not. “

She said hourly workers who don’t feel well continue to go to work because they can’t stay at home, while employers are looking the other way. They don’t want to lose money. None of this helped, she said, when the CDC changes its guidelines, as it did last week. It is now recommended for people who have been quarantined for the Coronavirus for 10 days instead of 14 days.

“Millions can’t deal with the virus,” Rohli said. “And millions are refusing.”

Most disturbing, she said, the government “is doing very little to make it easier to follow these guidelines. The right thing is much easier the more privileged you are.”

“The only way we can get past this is to have a system that works for everyone, and after that,” she concluded [COVID-19]I know now – more than ever – that we never know that. “

to me Latest Coronavirus news and updatesFollow along According to experts, people over the age of 60 who are immunocompromised are still more at risk. If you have questions, please refer to CDCAnd the World Health Organization Resource guides.

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