St. Pauli and the German Federation: Finland’s Uli Becker and his difficult battle

in FC St. Pauli, fighting for a regular spot, with the national team every minute of playing time. Finland’s Uli Becker, who was on the fast track at the start of the season, currently has a rocky division to contend with en route to the Bundesliga as he plays the contender. In Kiezklub and U21. The next two games definitely point to the midfield jewel’s path.

There are games where it is no longer bad to sit on the bench for 90 minutes. The 4-0 applause from Germany U-21 against Poland in a European Championship qualifier, the highest defeat for a junior in six years, was such a match. Baker had seen from the bank last Friday.

Becker hopes to play for Germany U-21 against San Marino

It cannot be ruled out that the 21-year-old will be allowed to play San Marino in Ingolstadt on Tuesday – whether from the start or as a substitute, it will emerge and be a testament to Becker’s role and prospects in the German Football Association. The team was appointed under new national coach Antonio de Salvo.

In September, St. Paulis Technicker made his under-21 debut under Stefan Kontz (currently coach of the Turkish national team), and in both the European Championship qualifiers in San Marino (6:0) and Latvia (3:1). Starting from the eleventh.

National team coach Di Salvo recently missed St. Paulis Becker

“The most important thing for me is to get a lot of practice on matches,” the left-footed owner said at the time. “The rest will come by itself.” After taking the job, however, De Salvo initially relinquished Becker because he had to take a break from the club due to an adductor muscle injury.

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The new man at DFB has so far relied on a 4-2-3-1 system with Bundesliga players Angelo Stiller (Hoffenheim) and Yannick Keitel (Freiburg) forming the defensive midfield duo three times in a row. Becker, on the other hand, is the strongest at the center half in the Diamond midfield. The competition in midfield is great anyway.

In the 1-1 draw in Bremen, Becker scored for St. Pauli

Becker has to run – also at the club. His injury cost him the usual spot at the Kissackers, which Jackson Irvine conquered with a solid performance and defending multiple times. Just when the Australia international needed a break in the English week at the end of October, Becker celebrated his return to the starting line-up – and not only impressed as the top scorer in the 1-1 draw at Bremen.

St. Pauli’s return to the league on Saturday in Darmstadt will show whether Becker is back in front of the club after his strong performance at Werder.

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Much will depend on who is fresher after his international journey: Baker or Irvine, who plays Australia against China on Tuesday (the match will be played in the United Arab Emirates) and is seeded in the national team, unlike his German club colleague. .

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