Squid game, Hollywood is looking for the heroes of the Netflix series

success like this squid game It certainly can’t go unnoticed: the Netflix series has had a dizzying impact even in the Western world that is sparking a growing interest in Asian productions and which, in the near future, could try to overrun the heroes of the much-talked-about Korean show.

While the creator of the Squid game comments on fan theories via YouTube, in fact, increasingly pressing rumors are talking about Hollywood that will be looking intently at the jobs of faces now known to the general public like those in Jung Ho Yeon, Lee Jong Jae, Park Hye Soo And many other things.

The three names just mentioned are expected to be the most targeted by large overseas manufacturers: according to the deadline, in fact, it was possible to contact representatives of Kang Sae-byok, Seong Gi-Hun and Cho Sang-Woo. Representatives of various agencies Americans, they’re obviously all interested in grabbing at least one of the stars that has exploded thanks to the incredible success of the Netflix series.

Not only the actors, but even the author of the Squid Game Hwang Dong Hyuk He could have been contacted by more than one agency, including the CAA, WME, and UTA. In short, we will definitely hear about them in the coming times! However, protagonists and careers aside, here’s what went wrong, in our opinion, at the end of the Squid game.

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