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Nokia has signed a hardware and service agreement with Telefónica to help operators upgrade their IP networks, extend fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity and 5G mobility to consumers and businesses in Spain, particularly in rural and remote areas.

According to Nokia, this deal is the final part of Telefónica’s IP Network Convergence project, which has placed its products in all layers of the operator’s IP network. As part of the project, the Finnish telecom giant is already providing IP solutions for mobile, advanced, core and peer-to-peer mobile networks.

The project aims to integrate services into a single network infrastructure to provide advanced communication services and transform customer experience for mobile, residential and commercial services.

“With the completion of the comprehensive IP network, with advancement to 5G and advanced computing, Telefónica can provide customers with new services faster, offer better service guarantees and prepare for the expected growth. We are very happy. We are very happy.” Said Vach Kompella, Director of IP Networks at Nokia, “I work with Telefónica. To prepare for the future. “

As part of the IP network convergence project final deal, the Spanish operator will deploy Nokia 7250 IXR series products, including 7250 IXR-e cell location routers for access and 7250 IXR-R6 for assembly, designed to support towing. edge. The Nokia 7250 IXR product provides comprehensive support for advanced IP routing protocols, such as segment routing, and improves the reliability of cellular services by providing advanced sync, synchronization and QoS functions.

The expansion of the Nokia Telefónica network will help provide our customers with a complete service catalog. Multicast broadcast and live video streaming and a host of corporate services will be provided by fixed access and mobile infrastructure, thereby expanding network coverage. Network strategy and development, director Javier Gutierrez (Javier Gutierrez) said. Vice President of Telefónica Spain

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