Spain is allowed to extradite John McAfee to the United States

John McAfee is a pioneer in antivirus software. He was arrested in Spain at the end of 2020. They are now planning to extradite the man to the United States.

The Spanish Supreme Court gives the green light to extradite John McAfee to United States of America Given. This was reported by Reuters news agency. McAfee is the founder of the security software manufacturer of the same name.

A British-American computer programmer has been charged with alleged tax evasion in the United States, according to court documents released Wednesday. The 75-year-old was born at the airport in October 2020 Barcelona Arrested after being accused by US federal lawyers taxes Deliberate evasion and failure to file tax returns. More about the case I read here.

At an extradition hearing, McAfee claimed the allegations against him were politically motivated. Recently, he tried unsuccessfully to become a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the 2020 US Presidential Election; His main campaign theme was the promotion of cryptocurrency. McAfee has an appeal against the court’s extradition warrant.

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