Snow in the park, slippery roads: early winter in Berlin – queuing in front of a toboggan run – Berlin

After heavy snowfall during the night, Berlin and Brandenburg woke up on a Saturday under a heavy blanket of snow. Many Berliners are drawn to the city’s parks and toboggan tracks in the morning. For example at Insulaner in Schöneberg, parents and children waited in line to climb a hill.

Islander in Schöneberg on a Saturday morning.

Most people have tried to keep the rules of aura distance. But there was always crowds, hustle and bustle, to be seen. Masks were only seen sporadically on islanders. At Brennerberg in Pankow, too, families would converge in the morning.

The pool in the snow – in a fairly small space.Photo: Alexander Froehlich

In the Berlin area, people sometimes walk On ten centimeters of snow, in Potsdam it can reach up to 11 centimeters, a spokesperson for the German Weather Service (DWD) said Saturday morning. In the morning it was a cross-country skier outside in Tiergarten, and the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column also looked like winter magic in the snow.

It spreads smoothly, drivers must be careful. On the roads in Brandenburg, snow and black ice have resulted in numerous traffic accidents with injuries. By Saturday morning, police counted 21 weather-related incidents, with a total of four minor injuries. A spokesperson for the status center said the situation was still relatively calm as there were not many cars on the streets.

Snow is expected to move south on Saturday during the day. “But you should expect a few more chips,” a DWD spokesperson said. Daytime temperatures do not exceed two degrees, there is frost in many places. Temperatures drop dramatically at night: then the temperature drops to minus eight, and may drop to ten degrees below zero.

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Sunday is still partly foggy and cloudy in the morning, but the sun should appear more and more during the day. It remains dry at temperatures close to freezing. Even on Monday night its temperature can drop to minus ten degrees. Somewhat milder temperatures can only be expected again at the start of the new week. (With dpa)

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