Smallest and best loot and TC room in Rust

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In the MMO Rust game, you can always use the Loot Room and TC to store important resources or items. We’ll show you how to do this in the most space-saving way possible!

How to build loot room and TC: YouTuber PhorgoT explains in one of their videos how you can build a small 1 in 1 repository safe enough from thieves. Ultimately, your loot room will fit:

  • 5 large boxes
  • 2 small boxes
  • 1 grill
  • Cabinet 1 TC

For this room, you definitely need a garage door and enough resources to build a 1 x 1 cabin. In the video, PhorgoT uses stone walls, which of course you can upgrade further.

These are the individual steps:

  1. Build two foundations on the ground
  2. Building 3 outer walls and a roof
  3. Build a frame for a garage door
  4. Place the garage door
  5. Build a triangular foundation on the outside
  6. On this you can place half a wall and a triangular ceiling
  7. You can now also place a triangular roof halfway inside. This is the shelf
  8. You can now tear off the exoskeleton again
  9. Inside you now place 3 large boxes on the floor, your TC, grill, and a small box
  10. Also on the shelf there is space for two large boxes and one
  11. Place everything as close together as possible to stay inside all four walls

Your little warehouse is ready and no one will think that much loot is stored there. Have you ever seen amazing buildings or did you build them yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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