Slightly closer to death: the Tower of London loses a raven

Londoners have lost a crow. However, what appears at first glance as a harmless message could be a fatal sign of the island’s ownership.

(AFP) The Tower of London has lost one of its local crows. Legend has it that the UK is one step closer to its downfall.

The Tower of London team shared on Twitter: “Our beloved crow, Merlena, has not been seen in the tower for several weeks, and her constant absence leads us to believe that she unfortunately passed away.” “We now have seven crows here in the tower – one more than the necessary six,” she said.

Legend has it that the UK collapses when crows – a group of at least six birds – leave the iconic landmark. “If the ravens of the Tower of London get lost or fly away, the crown – and Great Britain with it” – goes to ancient superstition.

The Zodiac team now hopes that their crow breeding program will soon succeed and that the dreaded demise – despite the pandemic and the chaos of Brexit – can still be avoided.

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Tweets from the Tower of London

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