Simone Biles Compromise at the Olympics: An Athletic Maturity

simone Biles will also give up the machine finals in the vaulting and parallel bars on Sunday. The USA Gymnastics Association announced the decision today. Beals made the only right decision. The only right, at least if there is agreement that the physical safety of an athlete is more important than gold medals.

The reason for their withdrawal: “torsion”, from torsion, that is, rotation around the longitudinal axis of the body. If you have “sprains”, then suddenly these turns are no longer successful, your head wants to spoil, but your body refuses. This happened in the team final, when Biles lost control in the air and then gave up the competition.

This also happened in practice on Friday when I dropped the bars. Your body is lost in the air. Biles has about twenty longitudinal axis rotations in its program. The risk of breaking your neck with a mental disability like this is real. The comments of gymnasts around the world are rarely unanimous: they praise the “right decision” and their courage in making it; Several have reported similar experiences.

Four gold medals – the lowest

Little is known about the cause of ‘fluctuations’. What can be considered safe is that very stressful situations can lead to mental disability. The Olympic Games are no joke! “The Olympics aren’t fun,” she could feel the weight of the whole world on her shoulders, Biles wrote before the team final. About a year and a half ago it was the The star of this Olympic Games was described; Four gold medals – the least.

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