Significant progress in the Swiss vaccination campaign

The vaccination rate in Switzerland now exceeds that of its European neighbors. © Keystone / Gaetan Bally

The Sunday newspaper reported that after a slow start, the COVID-19 vaccination rate in Switzerland is now among the best in the world. The Sunday Newspaper.

This content was posted on May 31, 2021 – 10:16

At the start of the year, the Swiss authorities were criticized for being late to the vaccination campaign. Swissmedic took longer than many countries to approve new vaccines, and when they arrived, there were huge disparities between the cantons’ ability to implement them quickly.

But last week, Switzerland provided 80,000 vaccines per day, equivalent to 0.9 doses per 100 people. That’s an impressive rate more than in Germany, Italy, France or even Great Britain, according to The Sunday NewspaperExternal link. Only Israel and the United States recently recorded a higher vaccination rate.

So far, a fifth of adults in Switzerland have been fully vaccinated and a third have received the last dose – roughly three million people combined.

The Swiss Ministry of Health told the newspaper that one million doses of the Moderna vaccine arrived in Switzerland on Saturday, and another 2.5 million doses of Moderna and Pfizer / Biontec are expected to arrive next month.

The improvement in the provision of vaccines explains the increase in the rate of vaccination, as well as the fact that the cantons increase the rate of first injections rather than accumulating supplies for the second doses.

On the other hand, the Federal Office of Public Health is planning a new information campaign aimed at alleviating the concerns of young women who constitute one of the most suspicious of the population.

The number of daily infections with the new Coronavirus fell below 1,000 last week for the first time since October, and remained below this limit for several days.

This Monday, May 31, the restrictions of the epidemic have been eased further: Restaurants and bars can serve people at home, more cultural and entertainment facilities can open, and people can congregate in larger groups.

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