Security Transporting the dead with meat trucks

The fourth day has begun of the International People’s Court Which is being held in London, to consider the case of the November 2019 massacre of Iranian demonstrators, where witnesses told horrific stories of what happened at the time.

At the start of the trial, which took place on Saturday, Robert Heinz, professor of international humanitarian law at Leiden University, presented a report on his investigation into what happened, noting that “crimes against humanity” had been committed in those protests.

Haynes said that the investigation “revealed that the Iranian National Security Council issued a general order to the provincial security councils to shoot the demonstrators directly, and this was a general order without mentioning specific places and issues,” according to the “Iran International” website.

Also, the investigation conducted by Leiden University added that nine high-ranking officials played a role in the killing of the demonstrators, indicating that they should be held accountable.

Arrest and torture

For his part, one of the witnesses, Sohail Abdi, confirmed that he left Iran after posting a video of his shooting on the Internet, pointing out that the security forces arrested and tortured his father.

He added that for fear of arrest, he went to a private doctor after he was hit by a bullet, and underwent surgery at home, and about 40 of the injured called the same doctor.

Khamenei and Raisi

Khamenei and Raisi are among those accused

Abdi quoted hospital staff as saying that the security forces were transporting the dead to the city of Kahrizhik in meat trucks.

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It is noteworthy that the court began its daily sessions, last Wednesday, in London and will continue until tomorrow, Sunday.

The purpose of the court is to “investigate the killing and torture of people in the November 2019 protests” and examine the statements of 45 witnesses against more than 130 officials of the Iranian regime, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi.

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