Security footage of a trespasser destroying the Milwaukee Brewers Field

Miller Park Milwaukee Brewers

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Milwaukee Brewers was slipping. They finished 2nd last season in their league and took the place of Wild Card. They went in the TEAR the season before that and went 96-67 to win NL Central. But this season they finished fourth in their league with three days remaining and losing a record of 27-29 in the short season. Then there’s this guy, Keon Lambert, who has piled more salt into the team’s wounds this season.

He was accused of sneaking into the stadium again on June 2nd and with “infiltration.” I mean, “he walked through an open / open door.” His plan was to use a tractor to write his name in a solid line on the field using tractor tires but the tractor was apparently slow, so he resorted to Dig holes and dealt $ 40,000 in cold damage.

Stephen Watson is an anchor / sports reporter for WISN 12 News in Milwaukee and has filed an “open registration request” to view security camera footage of the incident and the Brewers complied. Here we see the accused opening the front door casually and then trying to smash a security camera before making his way into the field where he drilled holes with a tractor.

The cherry on top is this guy who makes a trip around the bases before leaving behind him $ 40K in compensation. Did he really think he wouldn’t be caught ?? Can it be assumed that there is only one security camera in the building ?? Nobody can be that stupid, can they ?!

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His choice to run the bases the other way around really throws me. No healthy person would do that. Maybe that was the plan the whole time. Do something incredibly crazy on the security camera that the attorney can point to the footage and claim “Your honor, my client was clearly out of his mind because no sane person would ever run the rules in that direction.”

It’s actually a very cool defense because there is no argument against it. Anyone with a healthy mind won’t get into a big league (or any field) and turn the rules in the wrong direction. It defies all logic. The man is innocent in my mind.

Here’s a rundown from WISN:

The report said that the person who was arrested at a later time and identified as Lambert confessed to scaring the security team to reach his waist so that they were afraid to approach him.
The report indicated that the damage to Miller Park field is estimated at 40 thousand dollars.
In the video, the man is later seen running from base 1 to home board to base three before exiting the court from the first base side.
Lambert was later released under a signature deed.
The judge ordered him not to contact Miller Park and ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation.
Plead not guilty due to mental illness or defect.
Lambert is scheduled to return to court on October 12th. (Via WISN)

Will I update this article in the future after he appears in court on October 12th? Honestly, maybe not. I feel like I’ve got everything I want / need from this story from those security footage and I’m ready to move on.

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I’m wondering if I would be able to operate a tractor like this myself if I were to grab one in flight and I’m not sure I could.

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