Samsung has unveiled the One UI interface that will come with Wear OS on Galaxy Watches

As part of the announcement event at the MWC 2021 Digital Show, Samsung has unveiled One UI that will run on Google Wear OS, the company’s next generation of smartwatches. After I decided to give up Taizen.

One UI interface will arrive Coming soon to the Galaxy Watch 4, is kind of a mixture of the previous interface based on Tizen with that of its phones on Android. The goal is to transfer a unified design language to the entire range of its products, as it draws on many elements already familiar to the company’s customers. Among other things, the settings screen, various menus, and even icons remained the same. There is even a synchronization between the appearance of widgets between the watch and the phone.

In general, the synchronization between the phone (from Samsung) and the watch expands even further. All supported phone apps will be installed on your Android watches automatically. It will be possible to block phones directly from the watch or transfer them to another device. Adding alarms will also sync, changing time zone or adding tracking cities will be displayed on both devices at the same time. In addition, Samsung will allow developers and anyone who wants to design watch designs with a relatively simple and light tool that will be launched later this year.

The company has not yet revealed what Galaxy Watch 4 the new version is designed for, but it is already clear that Samsung has added a few different layers to the system that will provide an upgraded and interesting interface. Of course at this base the familiar Wear OS still remains the same and it seems that the way it works and the interface of the tiles remain the same.

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Samir Smith, Vice President of Google SVG, said, “Samsung and Google have a long history of collaboration, and every time we’ve worked together, the consumer experience has been tremendously good for everyone. This certainly applies to this new unified platform, which will arrive for the first time. On the new Galaxy Watch from Samsung. In collaboration with Samsung, we are pleased to offer longer battery life, faster performance and a wide range of apps, including many from Google, for a completely new wearing experience.”

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