Rural area: nearly five million euros in financing

Overall, the state government is funding projects of around 100 million euros in this year’s round of the Rural Areas Development (ELR) program. Eligible to apply are municipalities, associations, companies and individuals. 91 projects from the Danube Alps are supported by more than 4.6 million Euros. The ELR program helps strengthen structures in municipalities in rural areas. This would make it possible to keep cities and villages attractive and vibrant in the future.

“4.6 million for very specific projects in our country – that’s a real word. We have an approval rate of 64 percent, which means we have passed roughly two out of every three applications in Stuttgart.” Said Manuel Hagel, a state parliamentarian in Alpes Donau county, when informed In Stuttgart, with specific commitments to finance the 2021 Rural Development Program, Manuel Heegel, a member of the state parliament in the Alpes Donau region, said, “We are thus at the forefront of this funding round.

The last few weeks have been marked by intense discussions with the relevant department to convince them of projects at ADK. Hegel concluded that it is good to see that the effort to obtain funds is paying off.

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