Run WhatsApp on the computer without a phone

Running WhatsApp on the computer without a phone in an easy way, through a set of programs that can be easily downloaded to the computer so that the programs on the phone can be run, and a person can also, through some other means, run the WhatsApp application on the computer, but the important thing is the private phone connection Your internet connection, as most of the ways you need a phone connected to the internet.

Run WhatsApp on the computer without a phone

There are a group of programs that greatly contribute to the operation of the WhatsApp application on computers without the presence of the phone, and these programs are safe as they work similar to the Android system.

bluestacks program

A person can download WhatsApp, which is available through the main website of the program, through these steps:

  • Log in to an Internet browser on a computer, then go to the bluestacks website, from Here.
  • Download the program to your computer, install it, and then start running it.
  • Search among the applications for WhatsApp, which is located in the interface of the program, or it can be found in the search bar if it is not visible on the main page.
  • Click on the WhatsApp application until the program installs it and then launch it.
  • After downloading WhatsApp, write the user’s phone number, then click on the Next icon.
  • The program sends a code to your phone, and when you enter it, WhatsApp will be launched on the phone.

Mamu Play

You can also run the WhatsApp application on the computer without using the phone, through the Mamu Play program, which is one of the good programs in simulating the operation of various Android applications and programs in an easy way, and the program is run by following these steps:

  • Download Mamu Play from Here Then install it on the computer easily.
  • In the program interface, you will find the WhatsApp application, download it, and it is best to download the application through the Apk format, through the browser or through the Play Store.
  • After the application is downloaded and installed, enter your phone number, and thus WhatsApp will be launched easily and simply.
  • If you encounter any problem in running the program, you can use
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Run the WhatsApp application on the computer using the phone

One of the most common methods that are used to run WhatsApp on computers is through the use of the phone and by following these steps:

  • Go to the WhatsApp web page and then click on WhatsApp Web.
  • Run the application on your phone, then press the button that consists of three points.
  • Click on the WhatsApp Web icon, then scan the icon that appears on the WhatsApp Web interface.
  • You should not run the WhatsApp application on the computer through the WhatsApp Web site without the presence of the phone.

whatsapp for pc

The WhatsApp Foundation has provided versions that are good and compatible with computers, and with various Internet browsers, and these versions are very distinctive as the degree of security in them is high, and you can log in easily by scanning the response code, so you can run the application on the computer without the need to write Username or password, but this method requires a phone with Internet so that the user can have conversations.

Features of WhatsApp Web

There are many advantages when downloading an application WhatsApp Web for the computer, where:

  • You can communicate with various different contacts on your phone, but with a larger screen, more easily when using.
  • A person can use the WhatsApp application on the phone and on the computer at the same time.
  • The user can enjoy the various advantages of WhatsApp, whether on the phone or computer, for free.
  • The user can end the WhatsApp Web session by clicking on the phone.
  • The possibility of using WhatsApp on the computer, through the use of an external program or by adding a browser.
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The difference between WhatsApp drivers on the computer and WhatsApp Web

Although there are many programs through which the WhatsApp application can be run on the computer without using the phone, there is a big and clear difference between using these programs and the original application, as it is more secure and can be logged in by scanning the code easily, and without Enter your username or password but your phone should be connected to the Internet.

We talked about ways to run WhatsApp on the computer without a phone, as this can be done by downloading some programs on the computer, and we also discussed the advantages of using WhatsApp Web.

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