Run Wall Street: A mandatory vaccine

Running Wall Street, a mandatory vaccine


Shift on Wall Street: Starting this September 13th, only those who have been fully vaccinated will be able to climb to the iconic floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Although some exceptions are considered for medical or religious reasons.

In addition, random samples of anti-Covid tests will be conducted among the vaccinated.

Until now, the immunization test was only available to visitors who enter the New York Stock Exchange’s headquarters each day on the occasion of the bell ringing ordering the end of the trading day, but not to dealers carrying out negotiations and employees.

The New York Stock Exchange leaders’ announcement comes as the debate rages in the United States against a mandatory workplace vaccine, starting at school. Thus, in the context of a growing ideological debate, Florida Governor, Trumpian Ron DeSantis, is now threatening to withdraw salaries for principals and school administrators who will require teachers and school staff to vaccinate or use a mask. And don’t care if the Sunshine State is one of the worst US states for delta-related infections with a record number of cases and hospitalizations. The situation is not much different from the case of Texas where another Republican governor, Greg Abbott, signed an ordinance banning the obligation to wear masks in schools.

The situation is different in California, where Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced that teachers and school staff are required to be vaccinated or tested regularly against Covid. It is the first US state to make such a decision.

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Star-and-striped airlines have also been split up, with only Delta and United Airlines now requiring proof of vaccination from flight and ground crew.

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