Rugby: spectacular final in Australia with Domingo Mutiuti as champion

After the Super Rugby Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Super Rugby AU Finals (Australia) which ended in victory for the Crusaders and the Reds as champions respectively, the tournament was launched this weekend to surpass the franchises of the two superpowers in Oceania. In both countries it is played with fans at stadiums and on Saturday it has an Argentine protagonist.

Fate put Domingo Meotti again to determine congruence, a custom in 2021 for Western powers. Tucuman entered the 61st minute, when his team fell 7-20 to Chiefs and showed no signs of reaction. However, he woke up and gained momentum in the final section with the help of the indiscipline shown by the New Zealanders. The local discount was made with a good effort with the support of Richard Cahoe, applying the rule of the former, which Miyotti turned and added two more points.

Western Force players comfort Argentine Domingo Muti, who missed the last kick that would have given the Australian team a victory over Chiefs.

The best of a game full of errors came at the end: the visitor tried to keep the ball close to his forehead, lost it and there was Miyoti, who flipped through the defenders and found the space to support his first victory with this shirt. But the kick position was not easy for him and his kick was deflected by the far post. Everyone went to console in the face of the Argentine’s pain gestures, including Damien Mackenzie, the opponent’s character, who knows all too well what the role of the kicker is.

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Miyotti attempt and the wrong kick

Coach Tim Sampson supported the man from Tucuman despite his failure and praised him: “Unfortunately, he’s not veered to the left, but rather to the right. He’s got us winning games this year, under pressure. He’s a kid on the move until the lights come on in practice. And for a long time. He is a world-class soccer player“.

the summary of the match

The number 10 was crucial to the Force’s good campaign in Super Rugby AU. The Perth team also includes Argentine Thomas Cubelli, Santiago Medrano and Thomas Lizana and, for the first time in their history, qualified for the play-off match. In the four matches Muti missed the regular season, it was lost by his team. In the four he was on the field he ended up winning, and in three of them, the Pumas opener provided the main kicks in the final minutes.

This time he missed a centimeter and the win was in the hands of the last runner-up from New Zealand, the country that clearly dominated this first history of the crosses: The Five Privileges kiwi They have surpassed those in Australia. In addition to the leaders’ victory, the Highlanders defeated the Reds (40-19), the Hurricanes defeated the Waratas (64-48), and the Blues crushed the Melbourne Rebels (50-3), while the Crusaders suffered to the end, but the matter was more than the imposition against Brumby. . (31-29).

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