Rudy Giuliani laughs at CNN reporter

President Donald Trump A personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani He burst out laughing after a reporter who asked him told him that she was from CNN.

During the question-and-answer portion of his Thursday press conference, the reporter asked, “Sir, is your goal here to pressure officials or lawmakers in battlefield countries to block or delay certification so the Republican Party can choose their voters? Is this the final game here?”

Giuliani replied, “Our goal here is to circumvent the Iron Curtain of censorship,” before asking, “With which publication are you?”

After the reporter, CNN, responded, Giuliani burst into laughter.

Then he said, “The goal is to circumvent the scandalous Iron Curtain of censorship and communicate the facts to the American people, that if you were a fair and honest network, you would have reported during the past two weeks.” These are facts. These are things that have already happened. These people really wrote these testimonials. These testimonies are in fact part of the public record. “

Giuliani concluded, “You hide them, you cover them, and our role here is to do your job because you don’t do it.”

Watch above via C-SPAN.

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