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Report: Influential Republicans appear to be pressing for Trump to be removed from office

This should be in the second week of February Procedures to impeach former US President Donald Trump Begin in the Senate. It would take 17 Republicans to join all 50 Democrats in order to convict Trump of “inciting riot” in connection with the storming of the US Capitol. So far this was considered very unlikely, but it is now clear that it should The pressure on influential RepublicansTo convince other party members To remove Trump from office.

And according to a report by “CNN”, he plays a central role here Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He is said to have indicated that he supported Trump’s conviction. “Mitch told me he wanted to get rid of Trump.”A Republican member of Congress reportedly told CNN. It was in the party’s best interest to get rid of him. “The question is whether we can do that,” CNN reported.

“There were 10 Republicans in the House who voted for the impeachment. There were probably more than 150 in favor of it,” Charlie Dent, a former Republican congressman and CNN employee, told the television station.

Mitch McConnell He was a close ally of the president during the Trump era. However, he was heavily critical of Trump for “provoking” the mob into storming the Capitol. If the Senate finds Trump guilty of inciting riots with a two-thirds majority, the House of Representatives can remove him from the political office in the future. This means that the 74-year-old cannot run for president again in 2024.

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