Rep. Diana Johnson pleaded with Hull to “stay at home” amid worrying signs of disdain for the lockdown

A parliamentarian from Hull asked people around town to “stay home” after a series of disturbing incidents indicating a degree of disdain towards the lockdown among some city residents.

Hull North MB Diana Johnson By urging everyone to “follow the rules” as Corona Virus Infection rates in Hull and East Yorkshire remain high.

With lockdown ending in 10 days, Hull still has the worst weekly infection rates in the country after it topped the charts for the first time in early November after A staggering 1,888 injuries in just one week.

This was a massive increase from the 1,134 cases recorded in the previous week, the seven days through October 31, which saw the weekly infection rate rise from 436.5 to a staggering 726.8 cases per 100,000 people in the city.

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Long lines at The Range in Clough Road

More recent stats saw these numbers rise, with rates of over 750 per 100,000 people recorded in subsequent weeks.

On Saturday, prof A further 321 people have been recorded as positive For Covid-19 via Hull and East Yorkshire.

So far, more than 300 people have died after testing positive for Covid-19 in either of them Hale Royal Clinic or Castle Hill Hospital.

But although these numbers are much worse than the numbers seen during the first wave of the pandemic, the second lockdown appeared to be much less effective in Hull than the previous one.

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Shops that sell mostly nonessential items have been allowed to stay open, like Crazy Christmas Mega Store City CenterThanks to sales such as antibacterial wipes, washing-up liquid and toilet rolls as well as decorations and cups.

Tensions also flared up this weekend outside The Range, like Huge queues of shoppers formed outside.

Crowds of people flock to retail stores for homes and gardens as Christmas approaches, although Hull remains at number one in the UK. Corona Virus Hotspot.

Pictures taken on Saturday show customers lining up outside the door and around the back of the store, reportedly with anger rising and people “taking off”.

Something a little different this year … the festive store now sells toilet paper and cleaning products

Up to 70 people at one time faced long waiting times to get to the store, as some waiters complained about entering large families.

And in Dam Diana’s constituency in North Hull, there were reports of a dinner party at home, in which six people from different families participated, that was posted on social media.

Now, Member of Parliament Hal North has stepped in to call for an end to the nonsense.

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She encouraged everyone in the city to follow the rules, and said: “In Hull, our rates of Covid-19 infection are the highest in the UK and there is great pressure on local NHS staff.

“I would urge everyone to care about each other at this time and follow the rules. Stay home whenever you can. Don’t mix families.

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“Remember: Face-Space-Hands. If we don’t, your family and friends may then be affected by this deadly disease.”

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