Quarantine in Melbourne – Pencic: “Get out of here with a lung a smoker” – sport


After a week of quarantine, the Swiss speaks in her hotel room about training, equal opportunity and dust.

Belinda Pensic and her boyfriend and fitness trainer Martin Hirumkovi حب were locked up in a 20m2 room in Melbourne for 8 days. They were quarantined for two weeks after the passengers from their flight tested positive for the Coronavirus upon their arrival in Australia.

How can Bencic keep fit?

With these conditions ahead of an important tournament like the Australian Open, creativity is required. They have a pencic and her coach: during the day, the two turn the room into a fitness room including a mini tennis court.

I am grateful that we can absolutely play during this pandemic.

Even before breakfast, she has a session on the home coach, medicine ball and weights are also organized. You also try to train a lot while on the move, with “stop and go” exercises or side steps. But Pensic also knows: “The hard preparation was for nothing, in two weeks you lose almost everything.”

The biggest concern: dust

Bencic’s daily program lasts 4 to 5 hours in the room, where you also eat and sleep. Her biggest concern is the air quality: “It’s too dusty.” The windows could not be opened, the vacuum cleaner was missing, and the rooms were unclean.

With the tea maker, they would have tried to increase the humidity in order to remedy the problem. “I would probably get out of here with a smoker’s lung,” Pencic says with a smile.

No equal opportunity

Penchik and Hromkovic still had to hold out for 6 days, while the others were only given a light quarantine and allowed out of the room for up to 5 hours a day to train normally. When competitors are selected for training or post training videos on social media, it is easier to envy you, of course you compare.

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Eastern Swiss women don’t want to complain. She says she doesn’t want to complain – knowing that her chances of doing well in the Australian Open (from February 8th) have been reduced due to strict quarantine regulations. “I am grateful that we can absolutely play during this epidemic.”

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