Promoting urban biodiversity – Speyer

Speyer. Flower arrangements on windowsills, balconies and entrances to the house add touches of color and are an expression of tradition and the joy of life. In addition, wildflowers, perennials, shrubs, or many culinary herbs can make a valuable contribution to enhancing biodiversity in populated areas.

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The Environmental Prize, awarded by the City of Speyer every two years, is thus awarded this year as part of a flower-decorating competition. The winner receives a prize money of 1250 euros.

Prize money awarded

In response to a policy proposal, the Commission on Urban Climate, Environment and Sustainability decided to focus on flower arrangement in relation to the topic of biodiversity when awarding the prize.

“The amount of floral decoration tends to be low in many areas of our city for a variety of reasons. In addition to beautifying the cityscape, insect-friendly farming as well as public green spaces are of great importance. Explaining the organization of this year’s competition, Mayor Stephanie Sealer said, The folks at Speyer are already embracing this and we’d like to reward that commitment.

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“Dealing with plants is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but enhances understanding of nature. Mixes of wildflowers, for example, are an important source of nutrition for bees, bumblebees and other insects. Biodiversity also means protecting the foundations of human life,” explains Irmgard Munch-Weinmann, Local council member and environmental officer. “By awarding the prize, we want to spark citizens’ understanding of environmental concerns and enhance their desire to become environmental activists themselves.”

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In addition to the nature conservation associations, all citizens who are particularly enthusiastic about the topic of biodiversity or who already do so and want to contribute to it, are invited to participate. Schools and day care centers are also invited to participate, which is why the application process is linked to the school year.

The deadline to apply is in May

Applications containing a meaningful project description can be submitted by May 13, 2022 to the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, Sustainability and Climate Protection in the city of Speyer (Maximilianstrasse 12, 67346 Speyer). Attachments such as drawings, photos and a list of addresses of people involved in the project must be attached to the documents.

The jury, made up of members of the Committee on Climate Protection, Environment and Sustainability, will decide on awarding the prize at the Committee’s meeting on June 9, 2022. stick

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