Apple’s big self-service repair hack comes

Apple advertises Self-Service Repair, a service that allows you to repair iPhones yourself.

ROME – The big news from Apple is called Self Service Repair, and it’s a program that allows all customers to purchase and repair original components without having to send in the phone for help. This is great news for fans of this brand, but also for regulators.

Service as written before Corriere della SeraIt will be officially active from 2022 and will initially only concern 12 and 13 iPhones in the US, but as the months go by it will also reach the rest of the world.

How does the service work

More details about this service will be announced in the next few days, but in the first phase, the Cupertino company should focus on components that often need revisions such as displays, batteries and cameras.

Therefore, from 2022, Apple customers will be able to go to all authorized service centers, Buy the non-working part of the phone And change it independently or entrust it to a trusted repair center. An essential first step is also to get people into savings, but more information will be available in the coming weeks.

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The service is part of the United States

According to reports from Corriere della SeraAnd The first iPhones to benefit from this service They are 12 and 13 years old, but soon other products will also have the innovation that Cupertino decided to make it easier to fix their cell phones.

The self-service repair will start in the United States and later reach all over the world. A novelty, as mentioned earlier, is necessary to allow all users to repair smartphones themselves. Details of this novelty will be announced in the coming years.

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