Prismian, record demand in the US: new undersea cables for 1.6 billion

Prysmian Group wins record order in the United States: 1.6 billion for submarine cable system

Registry of the leader in the cable systems sector for power and communication Prismian: The Italian giant was awarded the la . award The highest ranking ever awarded in the United States by submarine cable system. The seller has the value Total approx 1.6 billion euros, of which 630 million euros belong to Prismian for the supply of cables and the installation work for which it is responsible. The project is expected to be completed by 2026.

Contract, informs memo, has been waived by Dominion Energy Virginia into a consortium of prismian And from Dim group, the leader in the offshore wind sector, includes a complete package relating to the transportation and installation of foundations, substations and Epci services (engineering, procurement, construction, installation) for inter-array cabling and the export of what will be the greatest offshore wind farm US business.

The progetto coast virginia offshore wind It is located about 43 km from the coast of Virginia Beach. PRESSIMAN GROUP It will supply three 220kV high-voltage AC export cables, 62 kilometers in length each, for a total of approximately 560 kilometers, as well as 320 kilometers of 66kV three-core submarine cables.

The project is critical to support Commonwealth of Virginia in achieving its goal of becoming “carbon neutral” by 2045. I offshore wind farmsWith a total of 176 turbines, it will be able to provide clean energy to 660,000 homes. The export cables will be manufactured in Arco Felice (Naples) and Pikkala (Finland), while the indoor cables will be produced in Nordenham (Germany). These are the Group’s three centers of excellence for the production of submarine cables.

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