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Media interest in product presentations from the tech giant Apple is growing every year. In the fall of 2020, Apple introduced the new iPhone 12, the first Apple model capable of browsing the fast 5G cellular network. Now a prototype has been recovered from the garbage.

Collector discovers iPhone 12 prototype

Developer and collector Julio Zombetti has posted photos showing the iPhone 12 prototype on Twitter. It is a blue version of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Both pictures show the front and the back. The iOS version shown on the screen should have a test variant called SwitchBoard. Apple uses this to pre-check different functions and models. It is noted that both the inscriptions and the labels on the case are missing on the back. Therefore, experts assume that these images are actually a prototype of Apple product development.

Not Apple’s first initial release

There is great interest in new Apple products. Not surprisingly, then, attempts are made time and time again to learn about product developments from within Apple’s internal circles.

According to reports published on the internet portal “apfelpage”, Julio Zombetti had already attracted attention often through photos of pre-series products. iPhone 12 Pro is one of Apple’s models that made the biggest change to iPhone design in years.

New references appeared to reverse the download

According to a report issued by the “Macwelt” portal, new indications have emerged that Apple is looking for a technology in which multiple devices can be stacked on top of each other and then shipped. This emanates from documents from the FCC, in which researchers are said to have measured the magnetic and electrical fields of the iPhone 12.

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A patent dated January 5, 2021 shows that Apple has been looking at reverse charging for some time, it is not only talking about the iPhone, but also about other Apple devices such as the Apple Watch or AirPods. It remains to be seen whether, and how long, this development will take before it becomes available on the first Apple devices. editorial team

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