Pixel Feature Drop: The big update is around the corner – These new Pixel features are in the pipeline


It is very likely that Google will release not only the latest Android security update of the year, but also the next on Monday drop pixel feature Advertise and put up. Feature Drops are always a little surprise, but in the past few weeks there have been some signs of what Pixel users might be looking forward to soon. Below is a short list of expected updates.

pixel drop juni 2021 feature

The Pixel Feature Drop concept is celebrating its second birthday and it’s not expected to be canceled, but will be on the metronome again in time for Christmas. The latest round for Fall 2021 has been canceled for unknown reasons, so a lot of what the developers have been working on in the past few months have piled up. Skipping it again could mean the end of the Pixel Feature Drops that Google was happy to announce in the past.

The timing was right, because it was only a few days ago Android Feature Drop (which it hasn’t been called officially) And all Android users have benefited with some updates to Android Auto, Google Photos, and other products. With Pixel Feature Drop, the recipient circle is a little smaller, but the innovations are sometimes bigger. Especially in December, you can definitely look forward to being able to use exclusive next-gen features on your Pixel, which isn’t entirely new anymore.

Here is a brief overview of features that have already been discovered, or even announced in some cases in the past few weeks. This does not claim to be complete or reliable. Even if one or the other isn’t delivered as a Pixel Feature Drop, it’s just around the corner.

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Now playing favoritin
Recently, the Now Playing function to display music that is currently playing in the background has been provided with an updated interface. Now an update is around the corner that will give the service a favorite function with which to save and access the playlist more easily over time.

» All the details about the Play Now favorites

Face recognition for Pixel 6 smartphones
With pixel smartphones, many times have switched between facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor, since both were never offered. Pixel 6 smartphones rely on a fingerprint sensor built into the screen, but it is currently not possible to unlock it using built-in tools using facial recognition. That should change soon, because presumably this additional feature was already planned for release and then delayed.

In the internal source codes, the term “face unlock” is used in relation to the Pixel 6 very clearly. This is of course not a guarantee, but the possibility is very high.

» More about the face recognition planned for the Pixel 5

Measure your heart rate with Google Fit
Another feature of the Pixel 6 smartphones: The relatively new Google Fit heart rate measurement function cannot yet be offered on the current generation of smartphones because the LED light and the camera are too far away. You won’t be able to change this with software, but it is likely that the developers will be able to achieve reliable enough results. The launch is imminent and would fit well with the feature drop.

» More details about heart rate measurement in Google Fit

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Internet Panel
The new Internet panel in Android 12 not only causes confusion, but also sometimes inconvenience. With Android 12 quick settings, it is no longer possible to easily change the status of WiFi and mobile data separate from each other. This might make sense on paper, but users struggle with it in everyday life – and Google has now admitted it too. You want to take a look at it and maybe change it on Pixel smartphones (not with Android 12 as a whole).

» So the internet board is supposed to change

Live translation for all pixel smartphones
With live translation, Pixel smartphones can play the role of interpreter between 43 languages ​​and translate conversations. This not only works at the system level via Google Assistant, but also without an internet connection. It’s been an exclusive feature for the Pixel 6 so far, but it certainly won’t stay that way for long. In fact, everything can already be used very easily on all other Pixel smartphones running Android 12. We recently showed you how this works.

» Live translation can be used on all Pixel smartphones

Game console for all pixel smartphones
Another Pixel 6 feature could be coming to all Pixel smartphones as part of the Pixel Feature Drop – and there’s no better time than the upcoming Christmas season. The game dashboard will be a practical helper for all the gaming related functions on the smartphone as an important feature for many other smartphones, especially with YouTube and Stadia being offered in the medium term.

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If you want, you can actually use this feature on all other Pixel smartphones. All you need is a small click of a key, which currently can only be changed using root.

» Game Dashboard can be used on all Pixel smartphones

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