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The “War of the Giants” takes place in Sardinia

AGI – The “War of the Giants” was fought in Sardinia, between Cabras and Cagliari. On the one hand, the small municipality of Oristano, on whose territory there were mysterious Nuragic statues dating back about 3000 years, appeared on the other hand, the cultural heritage watchdog that wants to bring the finds to the Sardinian capital for restoration. Representatives of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage confirmed that it was a temporary move, but in Cabras, which has already undergone the transfer of most of the statues to the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari, they do not trust them. They fear that they will never see their giants again. The concern led Mayor Andrea Apis to close the museum for eight days on the eve of an inspection by the superintendent. Officially, for reasons of public order, in order to avoid gatherings in the event of expected protests. In fact, the action leading to the transfer has been slowed down. Thus the Mibact actress presented herself in front of the closed gates and was run by the police and was forced to back off. Not a little upset. Crowd an entire country. It is just the latest chapter in a story that promises more emphasis. After operations to bring the giants to Cagliari have stopped, a demonstration in front of the museum is scheduled for Saturday. Cabras, in fact, rallied to block the initiative of the oversight body. “We did not get any guarantee that the finds would return,” explains Mayor Apis, “and a proposal to carry out restoration work in the building that we are ready to make available so that the whole process represents an additional tourist attraction.” Apis quickly met with the municipal council, which was united on the front line. He called on regional and district mayors to mobilize. President Christian Solinas immediately supported the proposal to restore Capras and many first citizens not only of Oristano, but also of other parts of Sardinia, as well as advocates of the world of culture and entertainment. With the slogan #GigantiaCabras in Oristano, posters and papers appeared on the windows. A bunch of affixes for a Giants issue have been launched on the Change.org platform, which have reached nearly 4,000 signatures. Even the local schoolchildren with their drawings contributed to the mobilization. One of the oldest sculptural testimonies of the Mediterranean. The statues of giants are one of the earliest sculptural testimonies of the Mediterranean basin. It dates back three thousand years ago, is more than 2 meters high and represents 16 boxers, 5 archers and many warriors. It was accidentally discovered by some farmers in 1974, at the foot of the hill of Monte Brama, overlooking the Capras Pond. Between 1975 and 1979, four excavations were carried out at the site, enabling the discovery of more than five thousand fragmentation pieces. An archaeological material of immense value remained in storage for ten years, until 2005, when experts from the Center for the Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage of “Le Ponte” in Sassari were able to reassemble the discoveries, and return 26 different giants and models of Nuraghe. Part of these statues are on display in the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and a secondary part at the “Giovanni Marongio” Museum in Cabras where the exhibition opened in March 2014. Since then, the Capras community has demanded guarantees because in the future everything the statues of giants can return to the area where they are preserved. For thousands of years. Origin of Identity and Tourist Attraction The Mont’e Prama giants of the municipality of Cabras represent the origin of an identity through which we attempt to design a development path fundamentally linked to the promotion of tourism. The first steps have been taken in recent years. The simple display of a few statues in a temporary structure in the “Giovanni Marongio” museum allowed five times the number of visitors: from 9,000 to 45,000 visitors a year. Various activities in the hospitality and catering sectors have arisen in Central Oristano. Others are in the pipeline. “Our goal is to create an archaeological park,” explains Mayor Apis, “the itinerary that brings together the museum, the Monte Brama archaeological site, the ruins of the ancient city of Tharros and the distinctive village of San Salvatore.” Now a visitor can purchase a ticket allowing to visit both the museum and the archaeological area. In the future, it is planned to provide access to the excavation area as well, at the foot of the hill of Monte Brama, where statues of giants of the last century were found. “We already have the resources to acquire about ten hectares of land and we have sent the projects to the watchdog,” explains Andrea Abis. “The intention is to expand the field of investigation with new excavations and then establish the services necessary to welcome visitors, apparently without impeding the work of archaeologists, which must continue, but must actually intensify.” In the town of Cabras, a few meters from the shore of the pond, the new wing of the Giovanni Marongio Museum is nearly complete, which is supposed to house the statues of the giants of Monte Brama, now insufficiently displayed. Space in the building. It would be a temporary solution, as a third wing in the museum will soon be built and will house the ancient stone sculptures dating back 3,000 years. The construction site has already been opened. Heavy rains in recent weeks have hampered foundation work, but we expect work to resume soon, when the weather is milder. The new home of the Giants will be elegantly wrapped: Designer Antonio Maras has created a captivating system of panels for the façade that will characterize this building. Big plans are made in Cabras around giants, if archaeological control permits.

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