Piazza Affari is trying to recover in the aftermath of the events of Wall Street, and Interpump and Campari are doing well

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The first glimpses of the session around the rise of Piazza Affari. The Ftse Mib, after the night’s slip which was also dictated by the effect of the earnings split, is at +0.17% at 26,313 points. Optimism about the third-quarter earnings season was the main contributor to investor sentiment. Yesterday, Wall Street closed well with technology stocks in the front row. Apple closed 1% higher after the company unveiled new Mac laptops with more powerful processor chips. More than +3% for Facebook and Tesla, with the latter that in the coming days will launch quarterly accounts.

Analysts expect S&P 500 earnings to show a 32% increase over last year (data from Refinitiv).

Interpump stands out in Piazza Affari with +1.09%, followed by Campari (+0.7%) and Nixie (+0.6%). On the other hand, Banca Mediolanum (-1.2%) is already up yesterday thanks to a full earnings split.

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