Over mid-April unexplained deaths in Nigerian state of Kano due to coronavirus, health minister says

Ehanire said a government team sent during an investigation into the increase in deaths in the state during April showed that 979 people had died in eight municipalities at a rate of 43 deaths a day.

Death peaked in the second week of April, with mortality figures later falling to 11 on the day in early May – the country’s typical daily mortality rate – according to the Minister.

Most deaths occurred at home and in patients over the age of 65 and with pre-existing illnesses, he said.

“With indirect evidence to follow, the investigation suggests that between 50-60% of the deaths could have been caused either by Covid-19, despite pre-existing hardships,” Ehanire said. Monday briefing.

A spike in death

President Muhammadu Buhari concluded the Kano state in April two weeks after a report with “mysterious deaths” and panic spread that the virus may have circulated unnoticed in the area.
While the graves told CNN to bury more bodies, state authorities said preliminary investigations show the death was not linked to the coronavirus, initially accusing them of meningitis, diabetes, hypertension and other ailments.
The governor of the state said that the team of health officials of the World Health Organization was sent to the affected communities to investigate the death.

During a daily presidential briefing on the country’s response to Covid-19, Ehanire said the team was able to provide support and strengthen the state’s response to the pandemic.

Nigeria has a record 12,801 cases of coronavirus, with more than 1,000 cases in the state of Kano, according to the latest data countries Centers for Disease Control.
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