‘Nun Warrior’ Magazine: Inspired by the manga series is Netflix’s weird flight into the genre

While interfering with religion could easily be a third streak – especially when potentially notorious forces in the Vatican are involved – the assumption is a little too fantastic to provoke outrage, with an ancient order of nuns dedicated to fighting demons, from the perspective of broad-eyed innocents introduced to the world. .

It would be 19-year-old Ava (Alba Baptista), who wakes up in the morgue, reviving a divine artifact in the shape of a circle that, in an act of despair, is embedded in it. Ava is understandably mystified and meets a group of friends who find it increasingly difficult to reject the supernatural aspects of her new existence.

The sisters possess an assortment of weapons and the skills of insane ninjas, but much like the “Matrix,” Ava is basically chosen for her powers, even if she can’t control them, and shows little interest in saving the world despite those who want to lead her.

Ava’s lofty status creates friction within the group – work jealousy is everywhere, even when sisters fight computer-generated demons – and details of her past and the way she died are gradually dispelled while driving in the first season.

“Ejection,” unfortunately, is a pretty good description of the series in general, which contains a mostly undescribed selection of characters, including Joaquim de Almeida as a cardinal in the Catholic Church with oversight of the order, who clashes with the priest (Tristan Ulloa) who leads it, inciting speculation about his motives.

“War Sister” is just the latest of its kind to follow on Netflix, and it follows “Modified carbon” and “Witch” and before the July 17 premiere of “Cursed,” derived from a re-examination of Arthur legend Thomas Wheeler and comic book legend Frank Miller, starring Katherine Langford titled “13 Reasons Why.”

Such a genre ride obviously attracts an awful lot of subscribers, but when this is so silly, it tends to have limited appeal outside of those clubs as well.

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“Warrior Nun” inches just enough to potentially draw you through the season, wondering where it will end up. In addition, when it comes to creating objects for more, let’s just say that Ava isn’t the only one living off of prayer.

“War Sister” premieres July 2 on Netflix.

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