Novak Djokovic posted a message from the Australian refugee hotel

Djokovic continues to be isolated in a Melbourne hotel. (EFE / JuanJo Martin)

The scandal surrounding the character Novak Djokovic He continues: The Serbian tennis player remains isolated in a refugee hotel in Melbourne, awaiting what happens next Monday at a hearing in which the final revocation of the visa with which he tried to enter Australian territory will be discussed or finally that he will allow you. Passage to compete in the Australian Open. At the moment, Knoll has expressed himself for the first time in front of his fans on social networks.

“Thank you all around the world for your continued support. I can feel it and it is very much appreciated”(“Thank you to people around the world for your continued support. I can feel that and I really appreciate it.”), was a thank you letter from the man who has won the last three editions of the Australian Open, won 9 titles, and is the tennis player with the most titles in Grand Slam history.

From the Park Hotel in Melbourne, An institution described by the Serbian government as “notorious”, the 34-year-old athlete had already sent a message to his inner circle: “God sees everything! Morality and morals as the highest ideals are the guiding stars towards spiritual transcendence. My grace is spiritual and its material wealth.”

Djokovic's message on one of his Instagram stories
Djokovic’s message on one of his Instagram stories

s It was Jelena Djokovic who spoke in these hours, Novak’s partner, also on their social networks: “I would like my family to be together today, but it comforts me to know that at least we are in good health. The only law we should all respect on all fronts is love and respect for another human being.” It is worth clarifying that Serbian Christmas It is governed by the ancient Julian calendar, so that Christmas Eve is celebrated on January 6 and Christmas on January 7, a day of paramount importance on which pagan and Christian traditions are revealed. This is why Djokovic also shared a tainted Christmas postcard written in his language in a story that preceded his thank-you note.

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“Peace of God. Christ was born. Merry Christmas. May God strengthen and fill you. Thank you to my family, Serbia and all the good people around the world who sent me their support. Thank you,” was the message he shared in his language, according to Serbian daily Blic.

Srdjan Djokovic, Camel loomAnd Show all his anger For the situation his son must face: “They have a Novak prisoner. Novak is Serbia, and they are trampling on Novak and Serbia. They wanted to belittle him, humiliate him. We are Serbs, proud people, we never attack anyone, we just defend ourselves. That’s what Serbian Novak is doing it now with his behavior towards the hosts and organizers.Novak is a light at the end of the tunnel. That political oligarchy will not stop it, I have no words to name these politicians, because this has nothing to do with sports. He fulfilled all the conditions necessary to enter and win another of the famous Australian Open.” And he added: “Now Novak is crucified, they are doing everything for him. But he will bear as we endured. We were there 150 years ago, they bombed us, they oppressed us, they destroyed us.”

Christmas postcard (in Serbia it is celebrated on January 7) that Novak Djokovic shared on his networks
Christmas postcard (in Serbia it is celebrated on January 7) that Novak Djokovic shared on his networks

As the mother of the No. 1 tennis player in the world told the press: “It’s terrible. It’s just a small immigrant hotel, if it’s a hotel with some bugs, it’s very dirty and the food is bad, what can I say?. They don’t want to give him any chance of moving to a better hotel or to the house he’s already rented.”

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who passes by A ring similar to the Serbian is the Czech tennis player Renata Vorakova, who was referred to the same refugee hotel as Djokovic after being ordered by the Australian Border Force after her visa was revoked. The women’s 81st racket has been warned that she will have to leave ocean country soon, although it is not yet clear if she will decide to appeal as Novak has.

Near Djokovic’s hostel, located in a suburb of Carlton, dozens of fans stood with posters with supportive captions and called for his release. From inside the hotel The banners were read with the messages “Aren’t we human like you?” and “I’m searching for my freedom”.

Novak DjokovicIn addition to having a traumatic situation, he is losing days of training and preparing for one of the most important tournaments of the year. will start in Monday January 17 Its existence is unknown at this point.

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