Nintendo brings back Game & Watch, a very old-fashioned handheld device from the 1980s

The Japanese gaming company announced that it will re-release Game & Watch, the handheld device feeling This situation Nintendo On the map 40 years ago.

First introduced in 1980 and produced until 1991, Game & Watch was a series of mobile games – 59 in total – that Nintendo sold before the Game Boy took over the world. Unlike Game Boy, Black and White Game & Watch games can only play one game.

The game and the new watch, designed to look like the original in all of its 1980s design, is definitely more modern – it has a color LCD screen and a rechargeable battery with a USB-C connector. You will play three matches:Super Mario Bros.“Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels” and “Ball (Mario Edition).”

Like every Game & Watch device released after 1981, the new device can also activate an alarm with the press of a button. This time, the clock has 35 different screensaver scenes of Mario interacting with the watch.

Although Game & Watch was not Nintendo’s first attempt at video games, it was its first successful attempt, paving the way for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and the Game Boy in 1989.

The Game & Watch was not celebrated like some other Nintendo game system, but it was the first system to feature a directional pad + figure, which was first found in the 1982. “Donkey Kong” game and watch. Its success also gave some legitimacy to mobile games, which were A place video game manufacturers weren’t sure of in the 1970s.

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Nintendo has been immersed in the Game & Watch lineup before by launching the last decade’s release and Mr. Game & Watch – the anonymous character who appeared in many early Game & Watch games – in Super Smash Bros. Toys.

The company has been in a state of re-firing of the tear recently. In recent years, it has sold classic versions of NES and Super Nintendo, complete with a few dozen original games and consoles. Now, Nintendo is in full celebration mode: it is 35th anniversary of Mario. The company announced a lot of Mario fun, including a new Battle Royale game and a re-release of “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Galaxy” and “Super Mario Sunshine”.

Now it’s Game & Watch’s turn in the spotlight. The Game & Watch 40th Anniversary Edition will go on sale on November 13 for a limited time.

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