New surveillance cameras open at black spots on national highways | New surveillance cameras open the door

Ambalur: Surveillance cameras are being placed on the national highway as part of the security arrangements. Guruvayur Infrastructure Pvt.

The assessment is that these cameras will be able to take immediate action in the event of traffic jams or accidents on the national highway. The new system will be implemented at black points where most accidents occur on national highways. In addition, virtual message service boards are being set up at five places on the national highway, including Puthukkad, to provide security warning messages and other digital notification systems.

Its activities are underway. The company said the contract would be completed within two months. In the event of accidents or traffic jams, 70 emergency call boxes will be set up on both sides of the road from Angamali to Manothi to notify the emergency control room set up at Ballykara Square.

These connection boxes will be installed at intervals of 2 km. In the event of an emergency, motorists can take advantage of the toll yard by pressing a button in the call box.

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