New episodes will arrive on Netflix

I’m just saying South Korean TV series In the original language, the entire world would already understand the title we are referring to without even uttering it. a Success Unbelievable shiver the world of the most important platforms Streaming on demand. Within a few days after its release, it reached a peak top ten 90 countries around the world. That’s why File Creator squid game Confirmed by date Netflix will arrive Squid 2 . game con me new episodes Who is this TV series. The fans can’t wait.

Squid Game 2: Season 2 will take place

Squid 2 . game At least as confirmed by its creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk. In fact, on the occasion of the event a Angels, during an interview published in Twitter Give AP EntertainmentHe stated: “Really there will be one the second season. it is in my head Immediately. Currently, they are in the process of Planning“.

Not only that, but on the occasion of an interview with The Hollywood ReporterAnd Hwang Dong Hyuk He was explaining that he was drowning his mind in some aspects squid game who still likes it To develop And he was not allowed through The first season. Here is his official statement:

There are some other stories in the series that are not addressed. For example, datePolice officer And his brother’s story front man. As well as the date the recruit. It’s true that the first season ended indefinitely, but I actually thought that might be the case good ending for the full story. Ji Hong who returned and did not board the plane to the United States. And this was, in fact, my way of getting the message across that you shouldn’t be carried away by the flow competitive for the company, but you should start to think about who created the whole system“.

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We just have to wait for the release Squid 2 . game Which, for now, is expected by 2023. However, many believe, given the success of the first season, that Netflix He would do anything for him to anticipate Access new episodes at least for Halloween Next year.

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