Netflix working on a spin-off in the ’90s

Netflix has started production for an episodic series of This is a 70 . offer He has already made contact with Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp

learn from final date who – which Netflix placed in the yard transverse series of This is a 70 . offer, the television series created by Bonnie and Terry Turner that helped launch the career of Mila Kunis (black SwanAnd Jupiter – the fate of the universe) NS Ashton Kutcher (Get high in loveAnd the killers). The new text, which aims to tell another period in the life of the protagonists, must be eligible This is a 90 . show And as you can imagine, it will be so group during the nineties.

Netflix has already taken steps to involve two original script translators in the project This is a 70 . offer: Courtwood Smith (Manuscript name: Broken ArrowAnd Robocopand Debra Jo RobboldAnd This girl is beyond my means) will return to play Red and Kitty Forman, parents of protagonist Eric (who has assigned the role to saving grace). The two would also contribute to the making of the show as executive producers. There to support them in this role Greg Mettler (family of the third kind, The Muppets), who has also been given movie theaters, Terry and Bonnie Turner with their daughter Lindsay Turner.

The story this spin-off aims to tell takes place in 1995 in Wisconsin and stars Leah Foreman, the daughter of Eric and Donna (played in the original series by Laura Prepon). The girl goes to her grandparents to spend their summer vacation with them, and while Kitty and Reed watch her, she ends up making friends with the boys who live in the neighborhood. It is still not clear whether other members of the original cast They intend to be a part of the project, but it is believed that it is highly likely that Grace, Preston and Ashton Kutcher will return to take on the role of their old characters.

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