Netflix Gaming launches two new games for Android and iOS

Raising subscription prices. At the moment only in the United States and Canada, promising quality. But at the same time, Netflix is ​​expanding its offering to the gaming world as well, always in turmoil even in 2022.

Netflix Games, New Games Coming Soon – Adobe Stock

California giant, an American company that distributes movies, TV series and other paid entertainment content on the Internet, but is also very active in the games, has released two new games for Android e iOS.

Mobile Games This is the latest news. Two other games bring the total number of games available on Netflix Gaming to those impressive dozens. A significant number, given that the service was first introduced in November 2021.

The multiplier from Netflix Gaming, Arcanium: Rise of Akhan. And Crispy Street

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Netflix Gaming launches new games for iOS and Android – Adobe Stock

Collection of available games in play App Store Of the google apps, ranging from simple puzzle games to 3D racing games. And now expanding with Arkanium: The Rise of the Khan, e Your curls. The former is a strategy game, first released in December 2020. It comes from Super Combo e Rogue Games, you (Which is also behind Card Blast currently available in Netflix games.)

A card game in which you can choose heroes, go on epic missions, and save the world of Arzu. “Arcanium is a story of friendship and bravery set in a fantasy world of anthropomorphic animals where good and evil, magic and technology collide – Permission Description – This ambitious single-player strategy and open world card game combines the genres of roguelike and deckbuilding in new and exciting ways“.

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A group of three heroes, their suitability and their performance for the dangerous journey must be formed with a very specific mission: to defeat betrayal of the catastrophe And save the world of Arzu from destruction. But be careful; If one of your party members surrenders, the mission is up. It will have failed. Arcanium: The Rise of Akhan is available for free on mobile devices as part of a Netflix subscription, although for now it’s safe on iOS, and soon also on Android.

Crispy StreetInstead, it is based on a webcomic who has nearly 147,000 followers on Instagram. Game where is dad? Where you have to find certain characters (about a hundred) in a crowded scene. The mission is to revive the characters of Krispee and the world. Features include: hundreds of items and characters to find, original music and sound effects, daily randomly generated puzzle challenge, thousands of hand-drawn characters and seven levels. still

Collectible Krispee cards, a daily wheel and even a Zen mode due to be launched in the game. So. It is the fourth game on Netflix from independent developer FrostyPop after Shooting Hoops, Teeter and Bowling Ballers.

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