Nalle Hukkataival erfffnet DWS-Route el Tippa Tapa (8c) in Finnland

Mallorca is a lonely deep water hotspot. But more and more athletes are looking for spots in their area. A recent discovery goes back to the account of Finn Nalle Hukkataival, who opened a new 8c route. Here is the video.

Floating sauna? Check! Are you moving spectacularly high above Finland’s largest lake? Check! These are deep waters that are unique in the Finnish way.

“Couldn’t be better than this for climbing DWS. Explosion-proof granite, fresh lake water, no Mediterranean temperatures, sauna for swimming underground!”

Teddy bear hockey

professional climber Teddy bear hockey Possibly one of the most productive early climbers of high ball rocks in the world. But as the rocks are getting bigger and bigger, he recently got it Crash Buds replaced by fresh water. In this film we see Nalle in Deep Water Solo First climb up the road El Teba Tapa (8c) in his native Finland.

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Credits: cover photo black diamond

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