Myanmar’s armed minority received a Covid-19 vaccine from China? | Globalism

Spokesman for a minority armed organization Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Colonel Nao Bo told AFP on July 24 that China has provided more than 10,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to this group.
According to Colonel Nao Bo, Kia received the vaccine from the Yunnan Provincial Government, China. “Kia asked for help from China and China gave us the vaccine,” Colonel Nao Bo said. However, the spokesman did not specify which vaccine Kia received and when the first batch of vaccines was sent.

Colonel Nao Bo added that the group bought some vaccine doses and the rest was donated by China. But a spokesman for the General Investment Authority did not give a specific number.

On July 22, a batch of Sinopharm vaccine including 738,000 doses donated by China to Myanmar was brought to Yangon. Myanmar officials have said that residents along the border with China will prioritize receiving these vaccines.

The Covid-19 epidemic has broken out Myanmar The concern of the Chinese authorities along the border. Earlier this month, China recorded 57 new cases of Covid-19 nationwide in one day.

This is the highest number of new daily infections since the end of January, and among the 57 cases, 15 were recorded in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, which borders Myanmar. According to the health authorities in Yunnan, 12 of them are Myanmar nationals.

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Myanmar has been in turmoil since the February 1 coup. The wave of Covid-19 infections in the country is also stressing the health system, which is understaffed due to a doctors’ strike.

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Since the coup, conflicts between armed ethnic groups and the Myanmar military have flared up again. In May, the military launched air strikes on KIA, the group that has waged a decades-old insurgency in northern Myanmar. Kuwait’s intelligence agency told AFP that the group had shot down an armed helicopter during violent clashes in the far north of Myanmar.

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