Multiple Business Store Pages including “CS: GO” have been temporarily removed from Steam. “Two hours empty” that remains a mystery | automatic

At midnight on March 9 EST (around 17:00 the following day JST), there was a case where the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” store page (hereinafter referred to as CS: GO) suddenly disappeared on Steam. Similar events have been confirmed in other titles, and titles like “Paws and Claws: Pet Vet” and “Section 8: Prejudice” have also been reported to have lost their store pages. Additionally, DLC has been confirmed to be disabled due to “Fallout: New Vegas” and “Black Desert Online” (the external version of “Black Desert”). The movie contents could not be displayed, and store pages such as “Mad Max” and “Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX” have been deleted.

During this time, it was confirmed that there was no effect on players who already own the game. From this, it appears that the problem was not with the game itself, but on the store page alone. If you check the update history of the store page on SteamDB, you can see that the screenshots and videos have been deleted one by one and the store page has been deleted. The store page was restored after about 2 hours and it can now be displayed normally.

Users make inferences such as “to refresh the store page” and “to prepare for some events”. However, due to the wide range of disappearance of the Store Page, it may be strongly perceived as “due to some errors”. After the store page was restored, professional “CS: GO” player Lukas Rossander commented on Twitter. Post a tweet saying “Hey back, CS: GO”. Then, in response, the official Twitter of “CS: GO” run by Valve retweeted the quotes. There is no specific explanation there, only one GIF attached. “A man unintentionally presses the delete key while typing something difficult” is displayed.

The above is the only response from Valve regarding this matter. It’s unclear if the content of the GIF really means “I accidentally scanned the store page” or if it’s just a black joke.PC gamesValve is currently asking for a comment on this case.

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