David Pocock will devote himself to politics in Australia

The previous third line of Australia, David Pocock announced that he would devote himself to politics In the next federal election and will will apply how Senator for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Which includes the country’s capital, Canberra.

Pococke has been courting the political world for several years A fierce battle against climate change. in a 2014, confirmed his active participation when He was arrested for restricting himself to a tractor To protest a new coal mine in New South Wales.

However, looking from the outside in UN climate talks in Glasgow this yearHe understood the importance of being within the political sphere. “I always thought he could have more influence outside of the political system,” the former Wallabies captain said. Sydney Morning Herald via interview from zimbabwe, where he was born and now spends time with his brother Steve on a community preservation project that they both founded.

See how Australia was represented At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2021 (COP26) It was really frustrating Honestly, it’s hard to digest. This underscores and highlights the need for better political leadership.”

The former crash expert, who performed 83 tests for Australia and was captain of the team in 2012, retired from the game last year to devote his time to fighting climate change. Pocock believes that a Australians are ‘letting them down by the weather’ and see freelancers as a possible solution.

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“We have all the technology we need. We just need the political will.”“We can change that and we can change it very quickly if we have more freelancers who are really pushing for a better future,” he added.

Finally, the former rugby player stated: “The reason I work as a freelancer is to be able to represent my community and Not having to follow the party line This is not in line with what they want.”

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