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“Together with my Forza Italia colleagues Mauro Datis, Alessandro Battilloccio and Maria Spina, I presented – An important amendment to the decree of Sostiny duplicated To significantly increase relief funds for the benefit of port cities”. This was announced by Representative Messina of Forza Italia, Matilda Siracciano.

“In the last budget law already – Hon highlights. Syracusean – My proposal has already been approved for a €5 million fund for port cities – including Messina – that have incurred huge losses due to the collapse of sea tourism during these months of pandemic emergencies. Now, this new amendment aims to increase this fund, also because the economic damage to cities and the activities involved in this particular sector has been much greater than expectations.”

We need to act quickly and decisively. With tourism resuming, we will undoubtedly get a breath of fresh air, but many facts need help to start over without any brakes.” We conclude.

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