Mons becomes vicar of the future Markthedenfeld parish

Bishop Franz Jung appointed Rev. Gunter Munz (58), head of the Diocese of Sankt Nicholas Süd-Shapsart, Dorfbroselten?? As a parish vicar in the parish community of Sankt Laurentius or Spessart, Markthedenfeld?? Appointed in the future pastoral district of Markthedenfeld. The office is in Havenlohr. This stems from a press release from the Episcopal Regular.

Mons was born in Reichenbach in 1962 and graduated from Johannes-Putzbach-Gymnasium in Miltenberg in 1982. After studying theology in Würzburg and Passau, Bishop Paul Werner Scheele ordained him a priest on February 23, 1991 in Würzburg. Munz’s chaplain years led to Veitshöchheim, Würzburg-Our Lady, and Lohr-Sankt Michael. In 1995 Mons became patron of Kleinheubach and Curatus from Laudenbach. In 1997, he also assumed the role of Caritas Patron at the Miltenberg Deanship.

From 2005 he was also temporary director of the Diocese of Großheubach and Rüdenau. In 2009 and 2010 he was an agent on behalf of Dean Miltenberg. In 2015, Mons took over the leadership of the parish community of Sankt Nicholas Sud-Spessart, Dorfbroselten?? with Dorfprozelten and Fechenbach and Stadtprozelten with Neuenbuch and Reistenhausen curation. In 2016 he was also interim director of the dioceses of Altenbuch and Faulbach as well as Corati Brettenbrunn.

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