Mike Flanagan will return to Netflix with a series about Edgar Allan Poe. All the details

after, after Hill HouseAnd Haunting Bly Manor and the latest Midnight Mass (here is our review), Mike Flanagan He will make other series for Netflix by title Usher house fallInspired by the story Usher fall house from Edgar Allan Poe And other works of the famous American writer.

Flanagan created the series and will direct four of the eight episodes Michael Vimognari (yours foreverAnd Note: I still love you) will sit behind the camera for the remaining four. The product will be separated from the epic haunted by spirit.

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Flanagan will appear as an executive producer on The fall of the house of Ushes With Trevor Messi, his partner at Intrepid Pictures, Amy Greenwiss Fimognari himself (co-producer of Midnight Mass).

Will be Fifth cooperation Between Netflix and Flanagan, which also has it in the pipeline midnight club, based on Christopher Pike’s book of the same name. Flanagan has also directed an adaptation of two Stephen King novels in the past, Gerald game NS Dr. Sleep.

Usher fall house It’s a horror tale also known by the titles Eyebrow House Ruined NS Usher house collapse. It was first published in 1839 in Lady Graham and a Gentleman’s Journal, later in the collection Ugly tales and arabesques.

This story, like all those written by Edgar Allan Poe, is told in first person and the distinguishing features of the hero are not identified, except for those necessary for the development of the plot: it is not known what the protagonist is called, age or personal history. In the story, classic dark features and descriptions of Poe’s style are highlighted, particularly in the initial description of the dwelling.

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