Microsoft introduces new Surface Slim Pen 2, recycled mouse and accessories for disabled users

Microsoft held a big event yesterday, September 22nd, one of which focused on the brand Surface. There is the foot of the phone with two screens Surface Duo 2, but also the tablet Surface Pro 8, laptop Surface Laptop Studio An entry-level tablet Surface Go 3. At least some interesting accessories appeared.

Check out the pen here Surface Slim Pen 2 With haptic feedback, but also plastic ocean mouse handicapped accessories, surface conditioning kit. Let’s see what each of us has in store.

Surface Slim Pen 2

The new Microsoft Pen comes with a haptic motor that provides feedback through special micro-vibrations while drawing and writing. It will feel like a pencil or pen on paper rather than on glass for more realism. The new stylus can be loaded from the Signature Keyboard, Surface Pro Edition, but also to the Magnetic System from the Surface Laptop Studio.

It also has a separate charger for $35. Realism is key here, and you’ll get tangible feedback when using gestures in certain apps. Provides Bluetooth 5.0 technology and up to 15 hours of battery life. The product is available for pre-order for $130 and will be delivered on October 15th.

plastic ocean mouse

Microsoft has not forgotten the green side and released a file A mouse made of plastic taken from the ocean. he is called plastic ocean mouse It is made up of 20% ocean plastic. It also has 100% recyclable packaging. As of August 2020, Microsoft has promised to become a zero waste company by 2030 and to phase out packaged plastic by 2025.

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plastic ocean mouse

The new mouse has a plastic casing that it uses Resin with recycled materials made from ocean waste. To make this product, Microsoft has partnered with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil exporters. The mouse costs $24.99 and comes with Low Energy Bluetooth and Swift Pair. Offers up to 12 months battery life with AA battery.

It has 3 customizable buttons through the Mouse and Keyboard Center, Microsoft’s dedicated software.

surface conditioning kit

surface conditioning kit

The Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit meets the needs of people with disabilities who use Microsoft products, especially laptops. At first glance they look like regular stickers, but they are more than that. They came from the folks at Tech Lab, who also created the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

surface conditioning kit

The desire to make Microsoft technology accessible to all. We have a series of clear stickers that we put on the keycaps to highlight the often used keys. There are also 3D covers with protrusions for ports and buttons, making them easy to find invisible, but also high indications of ports and cables.

surface conditioning kit

We also find special rings that help open the struts, covers and covers. There are also all kinds of 3D bars, knobs, and icons that are affixed to the devices to make it easier to use.

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