Michigan Football Early Signature Day and Live Thread tracker for 2021 class

It’s a great time for soccer coaches at universities across the country. There is still one week of matches to play before the College Football Playoff Final Ranking is revealed. But coaches, at least for today, are putting a lot of focus on convincing players in the 2021 category to sign their letter of intent.

Unlike previous years, we’re not entirely sure who will sign all of them early in the Michigan Wolverines. We know five-star midfielder JG McCarthy will sign the LOI as soon as he’s able to. Other players like Giovanni Al Hadi and Raheem Anderson will likely do the same.

But then there is the unknown with men like four-star receiver Xavier Worthy. We’ll see what happens with him later this afternoon at 4 PM EST.

This post will be updated as the Letter of Intent begins to appear, so come back and refresh this page as the most recent Michigan family member is officially appointed.

7:36 a.m. – The first official 2021 Michigan Class member is Dominic Geudice’s 3-star.

Scouting report: “Geodes said the coaches are planning to play him in the foothold, and I agree he matches his skill set better now. He doesn’t have the athletic strength to be a pure riverside striker, but he can definitely take tight ends and block the running lanes. However, I think He’ll eventually pack in 20 or 30 extra pounds and slide in to be a trio of techniques, where his passing skills will be more valuable. ” – John Simons, Maize n Brew

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7:44 a.m. – Four-Star T.E. Louis Hansen

Scouts report: “A large hunting radius with great body control and a technique to shoot the ball up. He lacks an explosion outside the line and has to polish his way while he is walking. Ragheb Mane must work with the level of his towels and their strength.” Simons

8:01 am – Three Stars OL Tristan Bounds

Scouting report: “Huge tire with true left hand manipulation potential. Incredible speed for someone of his size and good hand position. He will have to work on his napkin level to make better use of his strength.” Simons

8:09 am – Four stars OL Giovanni El-Hadi

Scout Report: Powerful striker with good flexibility and lateral agility. A 6 feet 4 foot frame may be required to move within the kidney. He should work to spot the defenders and keep in touch. ” – Simmons

8:20 a.m. – four stars OL Greg Crippen

Scout report: “Technically advanced with his hand resting, especially in passing protection. Questions about his size limit his ceiling. Should improve foot movement away”. Simons

8:28 a.m. – 3-star DL TJ Guy

Scouting report: “The man is a project with a natural framework and sportsmanship to succeed, but he needs a few years of training before he is ready to contribute. I was putting him on the same developmental path as Julius Welschof or Taylor Upshaw, the two defenses in the 2018 class end with similar builds. Including him as a weak defensive end in 247Sports, Jay will be the best in the Michigan chart. It will take some work to turn this guy into a man. ” Simons

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8: AM – Four Stars OL Stars Raheem Anderson

Scouting report: “Moves people away from the ball with his quick first move and his ability to keep legs rippled through contact. A four-year start at Cass Tech who has the best points in center position.” Simons

8:56 am – three-star K / P Tommy Doman

Scout report: “A technically sound gambler with a long frame. Consistent in kicks in both time and distance. He’s also an excellent player, perfect in his senior year at 53 yards.” Simons

9:11 am – Three Stars S Rod Moore

Scouting report: “He is a true playmaker with very good ball skills and expects to put himself in position to use these ball skills. He will also participate as a tackle. He takes good angles in chase and does a good job of not hitting much like the attacker. As he gets stronger, he will develop.” More pop in this department, but he’s ready to be physical. He drives around the field so smoothly and easily. ” – Allen Trio, 247 sports

9:26 a.m. – five-star QB JJ McCarthy

Scouting report: “A born leader with a great touch of deep balls. He can extend his play with his legs and maintains accuracy while throwing while running. He has good pressure on short to medium tracks, but lacks advanced arm strength.” Simons

9:40 a.m. – four-star LB Junior Colson

Scouting report: Hips are loose and natural in coverage. Good ball skills. Attractive as a nickel back. Comfortable space work as an ocean wizard. A good athlete checks the combination test box. ” – Barton Simons, 247 Sports

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9:56 am – three-star LB Tyler McLaurin

Scouts report: “He is 6 feet 2 feet tall and appears larger than his listed weight, but has room to add some needed volume. You’re not likely to play much heavier than 225-235 in college though. A tough athlete who shows he can play in space. He can. He can.” Firing gaps is fast and has good acceleration. Smart and instinctive. ”- Allen Trio, 247 Sports

10:11 a.m. – four-star DL Kechaun Bennett

Scouting report: “Shoot the ball quickly with a low liner level. Gets the field. Sabotage against pass. Uses velocity to slide in but thrives on wrapping around the edge. Pursuit speed shrinks from back. Stays true to set. Able to redirect line sticking. Flexible and bend At the knees. ” – Brian Dunn, 247 Sports

11:02 am – Three stars WR Andrel Anthony

Scouting report: “A flexible track runner who can cross paths with a good foot movement to change direction. Has exterior prowess and groove. Has a thinner tire at the moment that needs to increase the weight and strength to resist the Big Ten competition.” Simons

11:43 a.m. – Four-star WR Cristian Dixon

Scouting report:

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