Mexicans invade the game in Australia and surprise Ulysses Davila

Mexico City /

Mexicans They don’t skimp on space or climate to support their playersIt was already proven in the World Cup Finals and now, according to a Twitter user, Also in the Australian League.

user name Fixo On Twitter, he shared his experiences when he attended a match at Wellington Phoenix – where Mexican Ulysses Davila plays – in the A-League, where they left See the tricolor and the flags of Mexico and Chivas.

“In a few days, the Mexican community in Sydney organized an” invasion “match in the Australian League and Support mexican and ex Chivas, Ulysses DavilaThe user wrote in his social network.

He later said, for a while, They were preparing to go to a football matchBut they were unable to do so due to the Coronavirus. Now, as the situation improves a little, they decide to go exactly where the Mexican is playing.

“The call went off on Wednesday or Thursday and the word spread immediately. We have compiled a collection of what is it And suddenly we were over 40. A girl called the company that handles tickets and she got us 60 tickets that were sold on the same Saturday. “

He later recalled it The Mexican atmosphere was present at the stadium, Wore the tricolor next to the Chivas flag, and Olesias Davila scored the only goal for his team and evenThe Post took a moment to greet the Aztec fans.


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